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Dorothy Dumbra, R.N.

Integrative Medicine, Specialized Kinesiology, Clinical Nutrition

My name is Dorothy Dumbra, and I have been involved in showing and sharing how Every Disease Can Be Prevented or Corrected, for most of my life.  It is a passion. If we want wellness, longevity, we must seek it ourselves, educate ourselves, in order to reach our full potential. It is like a spider web - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual - all connected.  Shake one strand and it affects all of the rest.

I started as the traditional registered nurse,  moving to nurse practitioner in its early days, in the search for more. I attended every seminar that I could online and in person, studied with Dr. George Goodheart (founder of applied kinesiology), read every health article, noting similarities and differences in thought, drawing my own conclusions. I have been published, lectured and facilitated workshops at colleges and universities, been honored by various societies, and invited overseas with the "work." Kinesiology provided the tool for the more. It allows me to accurately and sensitively assess any nutrient deficiency, structural or organ imbalance, allergen and emotional stress-or. It tells me why the body has become ill, what to do about it, what product, how much for how long, what diet. The information is virtually endless. One can teach Applied Kinesiology to anyone, but not everyone can become a good Kinesiologist. Very few will obtain accurate information. There are many standards for accurate muscle testing, one in particular taught by Goodheart. That is the clearing of brain circuits, without which the testing is less than 2% accurate. When I am working with an individual I am working on many levels, integrating many skills and intensive background. Healing happens.

Applied Kinesiology is a science and an art. It was developed in 1964 through George Goodheart, an Eastern chiropractor. He researched many factors and treatments correlating these findings with the work of others. He also researched the findings of Chinese meridian therapy and Acupuncture for his applied Kinesiology procedures. Continued study demonstrated a correlation of the various muscles to their related organ.

Eventually muscle testing became a validation procedure for empiric treatment procedures which were being used and advocated by others. It was found that the holding or insalivation of a specific nutrient was found to strengthen a weak associated muscle. For instance, a weak teres minor is associated with a thyroid imbalance. Chewing a product containing iodine strengthens the associated muscle. Conversely, the testing of iodine does not strengthen every weak teres minor.

A.K. allows one to test various nutrients based upon the knowledge and expertise of the practitioner. It must be done with good clinical judgment. My knowledge is drawn from my medical, intuitive, spiritual background. Accuracy is a multi faceted event. Perfect technique, medical knowledge, knowledge of homeopathic and nutrient supplementation, awareness of the emotional state of the tester and testee, guided intuition, great sensitivity, moral standards are required. Everyone can play piano, not everyone is a Beethoven.

Some of the conditions with which I have successfully worked are:
Low thyroid - a huge percentage of the population has undiagnosed low thyroid and low iodine levels. This due to the standards used by the Western doctor. There are many symptoms to look for; dry skin, loss of the outer edge of the eyebrows, loss of half moons in the fingernails to name a few.
LGS - leaky gut syndrome is prevalent in most of us. How it got there and how to correct it is important, as it will result in many autoimmune diseases. Arthritis, allergies, weight, diabetes are merely a few of the auto immune conditions. It is easy to correct diabetes and hypoglycemia with its frequent sugar and starch cravings. Why is it important not to overcook proteins? How does one release an important enzyme from cruciferous vegetables prior to steaming them?  What is HIIT exercise? Why is sugar unfit for human consumption?

I work with individuals privately in my office or through phone consultations. Simply call to set up an appointment. I am always available for questions. I utilized only certain cutting edge companies, which my clients have access to, as each product recommended is carefully and properly muscle tested for the best choice. Testing simply in the hand alone is not accurate.


NUTRITION - Full day. Covers the latest information and introduction to muscle testing.

A TOUCH FOR HEALTH - Full 3 days. Hands on for lay and practitioners. It is a self help technique to be used on self, family, friends, animals, clients. Using touch, acupressure and massage to rebalance muscles which are related to different organs.

DEFICIENCY TESTING MASTER CLASS - This is an intensive course for the practitioner or serious lay person. The course includes testing for all known organ balance, nutrient deficiencies, structural imbalances, atlas, TMJ, ileocecal valve, Houston's valves, allergens, emotional points, and proper selection and testing of needed nutrients, as well as dietary suggestions for various problems.

In the Touch For Health and Deficiency Testing everyone tests and gets tested. Feel free to request a flyer on each. And share this class information, there are other discounts when one signs up for a class.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 530-621-1312.

Thank you. Yours in good health, Dorothy

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3976 Durock Road, Suite 105 & 106, Shingle Springs, CA 95682